THE CHAINSMOKERS (April 19-20, 2014)

our group was pretty big. Jordan, Juan, Britton, Nikki, Yosh, Haynes, Walter, & Tyler Erickson. We waited out in line for a bit, then got inside by 11:45ish. Jordan, Juan and I were gonna wait to take the ecstasy till 12:10 and it didn’t even hit us till it ended… But it was chill. The music was amazing & all the remixes were dope as fuck. While we were dancing, so many people spilled their drinks on me and it pissed me off. After the 7th time when someone spilled a glob of champagne in my eye, I got pissed and walked out. Some fag dumps his entire cup of ice on me and acts like it was an accident when I glared up at him. I didn’t expect anyone to come follow me but apparently Jordan was waiting for me when I was outside. We head back inside and suddenly 6 really big security guards start pushing and shoving and rammed into my shoulder really aggressively and hurt me. I couldn’t move my shoulder and got even more angry so I went back out. It was to the point where I couldn’t even enjoy some of the music because by the time we got back after my shoulder was feeling a little better, it ended.😒 I didn’t even feel the roll because of all the shit that was going on with me.
Overall, the music was amazing. The venue? Shit. The security? Shit.

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Jordan’s Birthday! (April 17, 2014)

Electric Lemonade is the devil. We made so much that we couldn’t even finish it. My big bro decided to chug and was shitfaced by midnight. At midnight, we all gathered in Jordan’s room and the guys chanted for him to chug honey jack so it was a matter of time before he blacked. 😂 After that, we ended up outside in the driveway and talked for a good 4 hours in the cold LOL😷 It was freezing cold but it was nice at the same time. The guys were cleaning up, Britton was hammered and angry, and my big was passed out on the couch in the garage. The night ended late as fuck.

Overall, last night was crazy on so many different levels.

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  • 6 days ago

What’s happening..?

I don’t know what’s going on right now, I’m confused.  I don’t know if this is a good sign or a bad sign.  But this is kind of nice.

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  • 1 week ago

April 8, 2014

Tonight I just hung out at the Den and smoked while finishing some homework.  Nicole H. came with me and we watched Perks Of Being A Wallflower.  Once she left and most the guys fell asleep, I finished it with that nigga while lying in bed and he fell asleep in 5 seconds so I just passed out and turned the movie off since it was already almost 5am. It was kinda nice.


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  • 2 weeks ago

April 7, 2014 

Tonight was fun.
I went to the Den after meeting since Zac wanted some weed and he offered to give me beer for it. I smoked him and a few other guys out while I drank the beers and did my homework. We played ping pong after and I was totally not as bad as I used to be!
Then Zac fell asleep and Jordan, Britton, and I decided to make pancakes. Going through the whole cooking process with these two was so fun even though I epically failed about a million times. 😂😬😕 We made the pancakes with a creamy whiskey and Oh. My. God. It was fucking AMAZING. Then, Britton invented his Mexican Mimosas aka m&m’s!! Which is basically corona mixed with orange juice; it was BOMB. I made so much I’m pretty sure I was a little buzzed from that small amount.

I love chill nights like these where I can just hang out with the boys and have fun doing random shit 😋😚 I love my snus💛

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  • 2 weeks ago


I’ma start this off by saying Deltopia was insane.

There were definitely moments where it was boring as fuck but it was still a fun way to end Spring Break.  I drove my big bro, Jordan, and Britton! So it was definitely a fun car ride even though, according to them, I almost killed them with my terrible driving. -.-

  • Trying to find parking for 2 hours once we got there was not the business.
  • What we secretly did upstairs in the UCSB ΣΝ house! Heh
  • Walking down DP during the day
  • My big bro getting arrested for nothing -.-
  • Being moderately drunk and having a good time.
  • Getting stranded at an apartment on DP cause Jordan and I had a full handle that we couldn’t just walk out with. LOL
  • That Subway run with Jordan after everyone had left
  • Meeting new people and realizing we have mutual friends!
  • Hotboxing & our secretive shit while blasting music.? CHECK
  • Playing the piano in the snu garage since it’s been a while since I played..
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  • 2 weeks ago

I guess what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas.

April 1, 2014 - April 3, 2014

It was my first time there without family and it’d been a good decade since the last time I’ve gone.  It was so beautiful and amazing and I was with all the people I love.  

I drove Jordan Haynes & Valencia, Britton, and Dolores.  The drive was a bitch since my car is so tiny but IT WORKED OK.  I’m just gonna list all the fun things that happened in these past few days.(‘:

  • Getting drunk off a fat tuesday with Nicole H. <3
  • Bathing suit showers with twin and nicole since he double dropped e. LOL
  • Walked to McDonalds in the night with Nicole and Jordan and getting lost on the strip for a sec but turning it into an adventure
  • Smoking blunts in the bathroom with Britton (‘:
  • Shotgunning a shit ton of beers with Jordan LOL
  • Taking e after almost 3 years of being off that shit. IT WAS AMAZING.
  • Walking the strip with Zac, Nicole, and Jordan and finding that GORGEOUS botanical garden which was trippy as fuck for Zac and I since we were rolling ballssss.
  • The sex.
  • Having shower sex for the first time.
  • Getting that bomb massage from Jordan.
  • Receiving my first light show while on e.
  • Having that long, deep conversation with him while cuddling it up in one of the beds.  It was fun to get to know each other a bit more.
  • Playing 20 questions with him was fucking ridiculous but fun as hell.
  • Bonding with everyone through the drive up and back and throughout the entire trip.

This entire trip was really just an amazing experience even though there was some drama with some of the zetas and snus.  First Big Bear, then Vegas? LETS. GO. 

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  • 2 weeks ago

Send out the alarms I’m all alone, wrap me in your arms and take me home.

This one lyric really gets me thinking….

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  • 3 weeks ago

Sometimes I wonder…

Did we ever have that ‘click’?…

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  • 3 weeks ago

March 27, 2014 - March 28, 2014

We had one of our sisterhoods tonight! We went to the same roller derby that we went to for our mixer with Sigma Nu, but this time it was just us girls. Almost nobody really skated but it was fun until I ate shit and banged my knee really hard. That’s when I gave up. LOL.

After the sisterhood, there was so much going on. There was a TKE, Dchi, & PhiTau party going on and Yosh was throwing a party at her apartment(UH) for T.Law for her birthday so pretty much a Pike party. We went back to Steph’s place so she could change, then to my dorm so I could change, then headed to Dchi. We ended up parking at school, walked to the party, waited outside for 20 minutes while waiting for someone to come get us and when no one did, we just left. We decided to go to Yosh’s party at the UHs and it was packed with Pikes. Steph, Nicole, Reef, Jordan, Maddie, Nikki and I stayed on the balcony till the party was over. While we were on the balcony, my RA came outside and she was fucked up! She seemed fine though and I talked to her and comforted her a bit till her two friends showed up. Afterwards, around 1am, we walked over to Cam’s apartment and just stopped by to say hi. Then we left to Circle K so Steph could get food and I could get a pack of camels while Reef bought beer. We headed to the Den afterwards.

Passoth was fucked up and accidentally almost burned my leg with his cigarette so he offered to make chimichangas for Nicole and myself and of course, we couldn’t turn down the offer. Before he made it, Steph and Nicole’s big asked someone to pick her up from Dchi so I drove Steph’s car over and picked her up. We got back and Nicole and I played ping pong and bonded over some nice trap music and that just got me even more stoked for Vegas with her next week! We kept playing till we got tired and by that time it was already 4am so we all decided to head home. 

Tonight started out pretty badly but we ended it really nicely. It was pretty fun.(:

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You little shit.

Too bad I didn’t tell you I was contemplating “ending it” with *him* to try and work on us again. I was going to but you were a complete asshole when we talked and that made me change my mind. SO, I’m glad you officially ended it. Cause I was tired of fighting my feelings for you and my love of living the single life. You just made it 10000x easier for me.

So, thank you. 

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  • 3 weeks ago

i dont

why am i going back and forth with this. i know what i want… I’m just too afraid to say it and get denied once more. i like where I’m at now…….. i mean being an alcoholic and stoner is nothing right its not like anyone cares how much i party or anything lol


i should just disconnect myself from all of society. it’d be better off that way

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  • 1 month ago


I know I wanna try at being in a relationship with you. I know I fucked up big time. After you said that you care about what your friends think, that kinda made me angry. Like, yeah of course their opinion matters. But if it was meant to be it wouldn’t fucking matter as much. My friends opinions probably matter to me just as much as yours matter to you; however, I’ve actually thought “hey even though my friends don’t like him, what if I just said fuck it and went for it?” But nah. I guess you’re just gonna be salty about it and just take my friends from me one at a time right?

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  • 1 month ago

I’ve been going to the den everyday this week so far. It’s nice.

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